Post-Covid travels

Post-Covid travels
Yes, the pandemic is not over, and no one is immune to a wave numer x. Nevertheless, as summer approaches and in view of the last two years, it feels good to think that the situation is a little more “manageable” and to start projecting again, especially thinking about the next holidays! Here are some tips to prepare yourself and avoid being turned away upon arrival….
1 – Think about your travel document

The first essential step is to be able to enter a foreign country using your identity document, whether it is an identity card or a passport.

Expired or about to? It must be renewed…. and fast! (see our article on the subject). 

Do you have a few months left? Careful: check with the host country what validity is accepted (ex: the United States will not let you enter if your passport does not cover a period of 6 months beyond the expected date of arrival on the territory). 

2 – Think about the visa

Some countries have diplomatic agreements allowing their citizens to enter their territories without having to obtain a visa beforehand: this is called “visa waiver”. These laws have been turned upside down by Covid recently, and may evolve depending on the applicant’s personal situation or geopolitical changes. Any doubt? Contact Oui Immigration!

Not sure if you need a visa? You will find the information on the website of the Consulate or ministry of Foreign Affairs of the country concerned. If not, feel free to contact us. 

In any case, anticipate: a visa is not just a formality and remains an entry fee granted by a country: depending on your file and the country concerned, the delays can be …surprising and disaggregate your schedule!

3 – Think about Covid

So yes, think about masks and gel (still!). But most importantly, anticipate what your destination country will require of you when you arrive – keep in mind that these are protective measures. Will you need to provide a PCR test of – 48h? Will you have to retake a test upon arrival at the airport? Are there quarantine measures? Will documents need to be completed in advance and provided upon arrival? 

Things are much easier now, but still, it is worth checking.

You will find this information on the website of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the country concerned, and/or on the website of the Consulate or the Ministry of Health. Remember to check a few days before your departure if this information has not been updated, and contact Yes in case of doubt!

4 – Think about coming back

It is now much more seldom, but it is important to anticipate the return: does your country of return require – a test of – 48 hours or a certificate of good faith? 

And small detail, if ever your destination country was such a favorite that you wanted to stay longer, think about the validity of your visa: doing an “overstay” (practice of staying in a country beyond the authorized deadline) rarely promises a sunny moment when leaving said country!

Oui Immigration wishes you a great time and remains at your disposal for any question.

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