France & immigration: the Senate wants to regain “meaning and efficiency”

France & immigration: the Senate wants to regain “meaning and efficiency”
While visa and residence permit applications are exploding (+ 21.9% in 2021), the Senate has published a report concerning the difficulties of the French authorities in managing the flow of immigration.
Overwhelmed authorities

Numerous and complex procedures, a Law of Foreigners weighed down by successive reforms and a lack of resources leading to the disengagement of public officials: an explosive combo inevitably leading to ever more delays, misunderstandings, refusal of files and legal disputes. If you have tried to make an appointment with a Prefecture lately, this necessarily rings a bell! 

Following the example of many countries (Canada, Australia,….), France set up in 2021 a site to dematerialize immigration applications called ANEF – the goal was to streamline and shorten procedures. This challenge has not necessarily been met yet, since the ANEF is not yet adapted to the concrete of an immigration procedure and many bugs greatly slow down the progress of the file. 

The COVID crisis and geopolitical conflicts have not helped the situation: officials managing immigration, already few in number, have had to face an overload of work due to COVID and the influx of arrivals of people seeking asylum.

In short, a complicated situation for a thorny subject, but which has obviously (finally) been reported, reassembled and is being analysed. Let’s see if this leads to a reform of French immigration!

Interested in the full report? Find it on State Services and Immigration:  Services de l’État et immigration : retrouver sens et efficacité – Sénat (

What about Oui?

Unfortunately, we, the experts at Oui Immigration, do not have the power to resolve this situation with a wave of a magic wand 🙂 You will often hear us say that:  authorities are sovereign in their decisions and deadlines. 

Nevertheless, as any expert, we know our job and our environment, and it is our task to anticipate these difficulties, and manage them if they arise. That is why we give you reasonable deadlines, relaunch you regularly and use our expertise so that your file is not blocked, delayed and/or refused. 

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