Getting married to a foreign citizen requires expertise and patience! Oui Immigration manages your wedding file in France and globally, and the immigration process that follows. Focus on the party, Oui takes care of the rest!

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Wedding file
Wedding file
Particular process, specific documents, legalisations, translations…. Oui helps you build up your international union file.
Congratulations to the newlyweds! Oui assists you for the following step : obtaining the accurate residence permit.
Translation & legalisation
Translation & legalisation
Translating and legalising documents need to follow a specific trail to be accepted by authorities. Oui knows about it!
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Each case is unique!

Contact us by filling out the form below or by phone (+ 33 675 959 576).
We offer you 20min of free consultation to understand your project and come back to you with solutions, prices and deadlines.

    Oui Immigration's support

    An immigration process varies according to numerous criterias ( country of origin, country of destination, local laws,….). Here is an example of Oui Immigration’s support on a “classical” process:

    Advice according to demand
    Personalised assistance & reporting
    Documents legalisation & translation
    Work authorisation request
    Authorities accompaniment

    They've said Oui!

    We’re very happy with the services provided by Oui Immigration - they’ve helped me go through the process of getting married in the UK with my British husband and getting the accurate residence permit. I’m very thankful for their efficiency, clarity and support. I would highly recommend them to anyone needing immigration support.

    Monique F.

    Je voulais me marier avec ma fiancée sud-africaine. Après quelques recherches, j’étais totalement perdu - j’ai contacté Oui Immigration pour en savoir plus. Ils nous conseillés et aidés dans toutes les démarches - cela a pris du temps, mais on a finalement pu se marier et Patricia est maintenant avec moi en France, et peut même travailler! Merci la team Oui!

    Quentin Blondelot

    “I wanted to retire in France - Oui Immigration has been great althrough the process : the team has answered my (numerous) questions, has helped me althrough the process and I’ve obtained my visitor visa very quickly. Thanks!”

    Emma Thomas

    J’ai trouvé un emploi d’ingénieur en France mais mon employeur était perdu dans les démarches d’immigration. Grâce à Oui, j’ai maintenant mon Passeport Talent et je peux me concentrer sur mon nouveau job!

    Joel Juannas

    The team is just great. They helped me for the renewal of my carte de sejour process in France (Paris) which is usually a tough process. I had a problem in online application system and they knew how to solve that. They helped me to solve and proceed. So grateful to their support. Many thanks to Oui team (especially to Virginie and Miguel)!

    Senem A.

    I can say only good words about services and people of this company. Always quick and detailed response on any request (e-mail or phone call). My issue been resolved successfully and in time. Faire price for services, no hidden fees. Very good lawyers! Thank you, OUI Team!

    Yana S.