United Arab Emirates: immigration evolution

United Arab Emirates: immigration evolution
The UAE will offer in September 2022 a more fluid and open immigration system, aiming to attract foreign visitors, talent and investors. The main change is the fact that a local sponsor is no longer necessarily required – find the most striking points of this reform below!
Tourist visa

The tourist visa will now be issued for 60 days, whereas it was for 30 days until now with the possibility for some nationalities to renew for an additional 30 days. It is renewable once, for an additional 60 days – more time to visit the Abu Dhabi Mosque, look for an apartment or have time to get your residence permit!

A 5-year multiple-entry visa will also be available, allowing a 90-day stay in the Emirates, up to a limit of 180 days per year (same system as for the Schengen area). However, a minimum of USD 4000 on their account statements for the last 6 months is required to apply.

Golden visa & residence

For those already residents, obtaining a Golden Visa will be simplified, especially for “exceptional talents” working in the fields of art, culture, tech, sport or science, or people wishing to invest in the Emirates.

Job seeker

This new visa, available without local sponsor requirement, will be offered to young talents/students wishing to bring their skills to the Emirates, after analyzing their level of study.


New residence permits will be put in place. Among them, the one-year “remote visa”, the 5-year “retirement visa” and the 2-year “real estate owner visa” can be obtained without local sponsorship and be renewed for the same period.

Holders will be able to sponsor their unmarried children up to the age of 25 for sons, and without age limit for daughters (the limit wmailto:oui@oui-immigration.comas set at 18 until now).

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