Europe & immigration: what can be done, or not!

Europe & immigration: what can be done, or not!
While some European citizens may tend to forget that having a European passport does not exempt from immigration formalities outside of the EU, some people wishing to live in Europe may tend to think that once they set foot in the Schengen area, everything is feasible. Hum… no!
Oui Immigration answers the most frequently asked questions on the subject.
1/ Can I have two European residence/work permits?
The answer is usually no – but before putting a clear and massive “no” to this question, one should check the legislation of the concerned country. It is a question of sovereignty, security and law: the conditions for obtaining a residence/work permit vary from one country to another. If we take the example of France, it does not allow to have a French work/residence permit on one side, and a work/residence permit in another European state on the other.
2/ Can I use my German work permit in France?
No. Your German work permit has been issued by German authorities, based on specific criterias that you have met (position, salary, contract,….). It does not allow you to live on a long term or work in another European country. However, since you are legally on the European territory, it allows you to travel to another country in the Schengen area for a period of 90 days to attend meetings, seminars, conferences or for tourist visits.
3/ Does my EU Blue Card allow me to work anywhere in Europe?
No. The “EBC” holds this name because it is a tool that can be found in many European countries – it is pretty much its only European touch, since like any other work permit, its conditions vary from one country to another. It therefore does not allow long-term stay or work in another European country.
4/ Is there a “European permit”?
No… or not yet!
5/ Can I travel to the EU with my work/residence permit issued by a European country?
Yes! You can cross the border and go to another European country for 90 days for a tourist stay, or to attend meetings, seminars, conferences, ….
6/ I have an Italian work permit/residence. Can I work remotely in Spain?
This question allows us to recall here that the subject of remote remains unclear in terms of immigration. Outside the countries that have legislated on the subject, and there aren’t many, or those that have issued a “remote” or “nomad visa” permit, a beautiful chiaroscuro reigns over the matter and the answer must be validated with local authorities, your employer and an immigration expert like Oui Immigration. Do you have other immigration-related questions? We are here for that!
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