Industrial Designer

Industrial Designer

“Hello, I’m Joel, I’m from Argentina, I’ve just been offered a position in Paris, I have to start in one month – I have no idea of what I need to do, can you help me?”

Oui, claro, of course!

(We’re not called Oui Immigration for nothing 😉)

When we receive this type of request, 1/ we are delighted 2/ the Argentinian of the team is happy to read a compatriot and above all, 3/ we offer a consultation.

The Oui consultation allows us to take the main information of the customer: nationality, type of contract, duration of stay, country of origin / destination, desired date of arrival, etc …. and to revert with:

  • A solution to his answer ( = the appropriate immigration process) #solution
  • An estimated deadling ( = our job is to reduce it as much as possible, but we are dependent on the administrations in charge of validating the requests. We therefore give the main stages, their deadlines as well as an estimated date of arrival) #anticipation
  • Red flags ( = that country requires such document, which will slow down the procedure; your passport is not valid; the family situation implies such consequence, etc ….) #expertise
  • Our fees ( = to which we include a range of additional costs to anticipate) #transparence

Once this is done, our job is to optimise and manage the full procedure from A to Z. It is also our job to indicate to the customer whether his request is realistic or not: in that case, impossible to be positive about an arrival in the coming month.

In that particular case, considering Joel’s position and in order to obtain the work permit, we had to go through a labour market testing – the goal is to prove to French authorities that this position can only be occupied by our particular Joel. It is a tedious but mandatory process that we take care of.

After a few weeks, Joël was able to arrive in France and take his job – as he says himself, “to be offered a job in Paris is a great thing, but it collapses like a soufflé when you start looking for how to get the visa – I didn’t understand anything about what I needed, who I had to contact, what documents to give…. Fortunately I found Miguel at Oui Immigration– he managed everything masterfully, kept me informed regularly, I just had to send the documents and be patient!  To each his job, and I can now do mine in Paris, which is great!”.

Thank you for the photo and the testimonial Joel, and welcome to Francia 😊

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