Why immigration is like a jigsaw puzzle

Why immigration is like a jigsaw puzzle
In this post strongly inspired by the winter activities of Oui Immigration’s team, you will find a bold parallel between the launch of a puzzle and that of an immigration procedure since yes, the achievement of these two are quite similar!
Start with the edges

Understanding the ins and outs, collecting all the information, grasping the strategy behind the mobility of the person and having in mind the challenges related to it: the beginnings of an immigration file are crucial since any information not collected can come out a few weeks later in the form of a “Ah, by the way, I have a second nationality!” or a “No, we cannot make a local contract” that can be blocking at this stage of the procedure.

Making a precise assessment makes it possible to frame the process and its smooth running by managing everyone’s expectations = > more effective than starting a puzzle from the middle.

Open your eye (and the good one)

A passport expiring soon, a work permit not canceled in a country that requires it, an authority known for its intransigence, documents that can take time to be obtained and legalized: here’s the point of using an immigration expert, he will immediately see what complex part of the puzzle may be chaotic if poorly anticipated.

Do not force

Yes, there are solutions and an immigration expert is here to find them and make the image appear. But if we compare the pieces of a puzzle to the different immigration laws, we must recognize that they exist for a reason and that forcing a rectangle into a triangle will never give a very good result: pretending 6 months of effective work is a business trip “with just a few meetings” by thwarting compliance may derail the puzzle on a much larger scale!

Be patient

The process seems clear and fluid, you have the image in mind and you do not understand why this puzzle does not move faster. There are two potential reasons for this:

1 – Assembling all these pieces and giving them meaning takes time and work that one does not suspect at first glance. An immigration file is much more work than filling out a form.

2 – The authorities have fun adding bits on the job! It’s annoying, but it’s their right: each authority remains master of its decisions, and requests for additional documents/deadlines are part of the game. The advantage of going through an immigration expert such as Oui Immigration is to anticipate these requests as much as possible and to manage them as quickly as possible when they occur.

Although complex and moving, immigration remains an exciting subject and each of the files you entrust to us is managed as a challenging puzzle that we want to put together in the fastest and most satisfactory way possible. Because the moment we put the last piece to the masterpiece (= where we receive the long-awaited visa or residence permit) is our greatest reward!

Do you have puzzles for France or international? Contact us ! oui@oui-immigration.com

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