The European Union tightens its access to Russian citizens

The European Union tightens its access to Russian citizens
Late August, the European Union Foreign Ministers have presented to the European Commission a proposal to suspend the facility agreement currently in place with Russia. What are the impacts on immigration?

Once the agreement is approved by all the member states of the European Council, the measure will enter into force on the second day following its publication in the Official Journal of the European Union and its notification to Russia.

Specifically, this decision applies to applications for category C Schengen visas (tourism/business), for all Schengen zone countries zone except Denmark. While this is not a total ban for Russian citizens to obtain a visa, it does involve:

  • A larger list of documents to be provided when applying for a visa;
  • Increased visa fees (from 35€ currently to 80€)
  • Longer deadlines (from about 10 days currently, the assessment period would be from 15 to 45 days)
  • Issuance of a one-entry visa only

While it also applies journalists, students and researchers, this decision should not apply to Russian citizens in need of protection such as dissidents or human rights activists.

Russia reacted through its deputy Foreign Minister by saying that this decision “(would) not be left without consequences“, and that the measures taken would be “symmetrical, asymmetrical or something that the EU does not expect“.

You can find the full text of the proposal here: European Commission

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