France- Tunisia: towards a smoother visa issuance

France- Tunisia: towards a smoother visa issuance
France and Tunisia announced on August 31, via their respective Ministries of Interior, a warming of diplomatic relations “with immediate effect”. This measure aims to “return (…) to the ordinary pace concerning the granting of visas for Tunisian nationals” is not yet applied in Algeria and Morocco.

A pace that has been well shaken up for about a year – in autumn 2021, France imposed restrictions on Algeria, Morocco and Tunisia in order to encourage them to better cooperate in the fight against illegal immigration. These measures, put in place very quickly by the Consulates of France, had led to a reduction in the number of visas of 50% for Morocco and Algeria, and 30% for Tunisia.

If Tunisia seems to have met the expectations of the French government, no announcement has yet been made towards Morocco and Algeria. Morocco, whose diplomatic relationship with France is currently being undermined by the case of Imam Hassan Iquioussen, saw the Moroccan Federation of Consumer Rights ask the Embassy of France the reimbursement of refused visa fees, while the Moroccan Association for Human Rights contacted Emmanuel Macron denouncing “discriminatory decisions”.

Note that these refusals apply more particularly to short-stay visas, although the Talent Passport category, including accompanying family members, has also been affected.

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