Immigration Summertime

Immigration Summertime
Summertime, and the livin’ is easy” says the song… Of course, but this is a little less accurate for the immigration industry 😊  Here is a summary of the summer schedule and actions to make indeed life easier!
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Summer months in immigration

Depending on where in the world you stand, the months from May to September correspond to summer or not. Based here in a European vision, where these months correspond to the school holidays, this can therefore mean:

Authorities in slow motion….

Between the month of May, which includes many days off in many countries, and the months of July / August when civil servants return to their countries of origin, these months usually see authorities slowing down their operations. This means slower responses and less availability.

But overwhelmed with requests

However, the flow of applications filed with these same authorities does not slow down: in addition to the usual applications (work, family reunification,…), one must add the income of tourist visas, seasonal visas and student visas typically linked to this period. This means consulates/visa centres overloaded with applications and therefore fewer appointments available.

Talents wishing to arrive in August / September….

Many talents wish to arrive in August / September, for the children’s school start. This means a launch of procedure around April/May at best, with a peak of activity (appointment at the Consulate, appointment at the local authority) around July/August.

While going themselves on holidays

The challenge of holiday months also includes the management of the talent’s schedules, who are themselves on leave and wish (and we understand them) to return to their country of origin. Aligning these requirements into an immigration schedule can be a headache in terms of logistics and timing.

Managers on leave

And because despite everything, immigration experts and HR/international mobility specialists are also humans – they need some holidays! It’s all about internal organization, but it can sometimes also slow down the management of an immigration procedure.

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What can be done?

As usual: anticipate!

It is essential to keep in mind that when a procedure is launched in May/June, it may come to an end less quickly than if it is launched in January or October, because of the points listed above.

Be realistic

The management of the immigration procedure being very strongly linked to the authorities’ timings, it must be kept in mind (and not only during summer) that no immigration expert will be able to work miracles to obtain an appointment if the consular officer is on holidays, or if the latter has 150 files to fit out of the 10 appointments available that week.

Managing expectations

Whether they come from the local HR/manager/operational who absolutely needs this person in a very short time, or from the talent himself who wants to see things go as quickly as possible – the deadlines are even more difficult to meet in the summer.

Having a very clear schedule from the beginning of the procedure, taking into account everyone’s holidays and possible slowness, avoids complicated situations.

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On a more summery note, Oui Immigration wishes you a very nice summer and remains at your disposal for any question!

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