France minimum wage increase

France – minimum wage increase
The Minimum Interprofessional Growth Wage (Smic) has increased by 1.8% since 01/01/2023. Its amount is now € 1,709.28 gross monthly. What impact on your immigration processes to France?

The SMIC is the basis for calculating minimum remuneration for certain immigration statuses – when it increases, the minimum thresholds also increase. To be kept in mind when recruiting!

The statutes based on the SMIC, and therefore impacted by this increase, are as follows:

  • Employee ( “salarié”): 1709, 28
  • Job search – company creation (“Recherche d’emploi – création d’entreprise“): 30767,04
  • Talent passport – employee on assignment( “Passeport talent – salarié en mission“) : 36920,44
  • Talent passport – qualified employee (“Passeport talent – salarié qualifié “): 41022,72

These thresholds are in euros, and gross/month.

The Talent Passport – European Blue Card status is not impacted by this increase: it is based not on the SMIC, but on a fixed reference salary established by the Ministry of the Interior.

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