Covid/ China

Covid/ China
China is opening up to international arrivals while many countries around the world now require testing of people arriving from the Middle Kingdom. An update on the situation below.

Since January 8th, 2023, China has removed the previously mandatory quarantine and no longer limits the capacity of international flights arriving on its territory. Only a negative PCR test, carried out 48 hours before the trip, is mandatory.

Conversely, due to the peak of transmission that the country has experienced since the lifting of its Zero Covid policy, many nations around the world are now imposing restrictions on travelers arriving from China.

Among them, countries requiring tests or controls on arrival of travelers from China are:

France, Italy, Spain, Netherlands, Sweden, Luxembourg, Germany, United Kingdom, United States, Japan, Canada, India, Ghana, Morocco, Australia, Israel, Taiwan, South Korea, Philippines

The European Union has also asked all its member-states to do the same – the list could therefore grow in the coming days.

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